Beautifying Outdoors - Yard and Garden
Beauty outdoors is almost so plentiful that it is ignored. It only takes looking to see the wonder around us. Joy is found in Beautifying our piece of the world.

Beauty in the outdoors consists of Color, Life, Order, and Variety. Using these a Home will look Inviting, Peaceful, and Alive.

The Yard and Garden will reward your efforts in these areas. Grass can be played on, Trees will give shade and fruit, Bushes will soften the home and sometimes give color. Gardens and Flowers are our bridge from the outdoors to our home.

Perennial Flowers come back each year but often have a "season". Annuals only last one year but often produce all year. Use both, Perennials to provide a seasonal theme and add some Annuals for colors.

Gardens and Yards teach us the lesson of Joy. Work and research are required, adjustments must be made, perseverance is necessary. A lesson is seen in the fact that the joy is in the journey. Having the goal and doing some work helps you visualize the outcome to the point that you almost think you have the fruit when you only hold a seed.

Success in Gardening is improved when you follow some Basics and understand the differences between the Spring, Summer, and Fall garden.
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